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Law suit filed July 3rd to stop illegal ticketing of bikes in Boston!
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Latest news  11/16/10

Appeal continues Oct 2010

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1/12/10 Court hearing scheduled
9/21/09 news story click here

9/21/09 Noise Ordinance Rally at the Hard Rock Cafe  7pm - 9pm limited free parking for bikes. Come on down and get an update and ask your questions buy a helmet sticker($2) or patch($10) to help support the fight. This is a national problem in our backyard! 

In a recent article from the American Motorcycle Association about Boston's Noise ordinance this is what was written.- click link above for full article.
The initiative follows the efforts of District 1 City Councilor Sal LaMattina who introduced a city ordinance that calls for an EPA stamp on all approved motorcycle mufflers operating in Boston.
Without such a stamped muffler, the biker will be ticketed for a $300 fine. The ordinance was approved by the City Council and signed by the Mayor. However, a legal challenge has delayed its enforcement pending court proceedings. Despite the holdup on the city ordinance, police are looking at increased training with sound meters to enforce existing noise regulations."

The BIG news here is that the legal challenge brought on by the justice rider has held up the City of Boston's enforcement of the ordinance.
  Boston with its 60 plus team of lawyers along with any other city or town should take notice from the boston lawsuit. Small towns and cities TAXPAYERS could be in for some huge payouts to bikers who are cited by a repugnant ordinance.

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